Some of the Many Brilliant Inventions of Nikola Tesla

Here is a a study of Nikola Tesla documenting the facts of the discoveries that he made in his lifetime. IN the future we will build  chronological list of these discoveries and their year of discovery. He fought the demons of living in Satan’s realm and he continually had his offices ransacked and notes stolen by those obedient to Satan. So his life showed an amazing resilience as God would close doors with fires and he would move to a new location and start afresh never getting bitter. He died a pauper broke  but not in spirit he knew what God had revealed to him would change the world if the world was allowed to see it.  In the future we will match those years are the Bible Numerology meaning of those numbers. Quite revealing when you add that to our future study coming soon on the actual Shemitah year of 2021 and the years prior back to creation in 4026. God Bless and enjoy the study.  We know that most of our subscribers allowed are Masons so we show this information as a testimony to Gods pulling the strings of the last days Rothschild is only doing what God is putting in his heart. Ie Trump and the rest.  Enjoy the wisdome it is without false data as received from God by this servant of God… Please search our studies more detailed on the Allegorical Last Days…

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