Here is our  1st Annual ALLEGORICAL LAST DAYS AND 3rd Annual FLAT EARTH CONFERENCE  Oct. 25, 2019.

We have many faithful witnesses of the last days in our group of those watching for Jesus Imminent Return . They are youths learning to play the role of all the last days Characters from Rothschild to the two witnesses ie Leeland Jones and Jonathan Cahn our choices and seemingly proven by their activities in these last days. So these students of the last days are enjoying further training in understanding the Matt. 24:24 deception started in 1500’s by Kepler and Copernicus followed up by Newton with Gravity and Einstein with his lies of special relativity. Any way the Flat Earth is described in our 500 dollar Model as the world and Google in particular make it impossible to gather people who believe in the Flat Earth. There are constant lies and mistruths meant to confuse the simplicity of the flat Earth as described in the book of Enoch taken out of the bible in 1881( ie the 20th shemitah from the abomination of Desolation shemitah coming in 2021. BNM=20= Distress Tremble)

We know that most of our subscribers allowed are Masons so we show  this information as a testimony to Gods pulling the strings of the last days Rothschild is only doing what God is putting in his heart. Ie trump and the rest.  Enjoy the wisdome it is with out false data as received from God by this servant of God…


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