Sagbayan Bohol Chocolate Hills Flat earth Matt. 24:24 Deception revealed

Here is a video enjoying our old home in Sabayon Bohol at Captains Peak Area the people are the best. We will miss them this video is just alerting people not aware that we are in the Allegorical Last days and that the Matt. 24:24 Deception is that we live on a Globe. Recently I was blessed to realize that God created the globe firmament system to allow that locations associated with his people ie London gave the land so Israel could be founded in Nov. 29, 1947 ie 1948. In the globe system the distance to London from Gods one time home on earth on the real temple mount location in the city of David is actually 1948 nautical Miles . God has ingeniously set up the globe that the BC numbers of years relating to distance are in Miles and the numbers relating to AD years are in miles. Ie the distance from Temple Mount until the North Pole is 4026 miles the location of God throne is directly above this 88022 miles (as proven in the 10 degree circle analysis another study for that) This study is primarily related to the beauty of Sagbayon and the proof of the Flat Earth from on top of its chocolate hills. Remmber don’t criticize until you understand the vanishing point on Gods Flat earth. Enjoy and God Bless tell all of the good news you don’t have to know Satan to know you live on a flat earth…

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