Will we have a Sept 25-27,2019 911 type surprise in these Allegorical Last Days


Please enjoy  this our latest work trying down the details of these Allegorical Last Days

Will we have a Sept  25-27,2019  911 type surprise in these Allegorical Last Days

This is Revolutionary study trying to wake people up the the concept of the Allegorical Last days as all  the players complete with Satan lord with small l Rothschild. (ra’s Child sun God and richest man/family in the world. Trump is an amazing character he has played so many roles well his mothers name is Mary and the Father is Fred “the Christ “ Trump go figure you could not find a better lion. He has played the role of Jehu when he was running for election and then he played Cyrus during the Cyrus Decree. Now with the False Flag Drone attack on saudi he is playing Apollo in Rev. 9 and Isa. 10 the Assyrian. Then you have the Queen of England killing her way into her title on the same day the sun is angled at 38.16 degrees as the Queens chamber angle in the Giza Pyramid. (gods witness and testimony). Wow we could go on for ever but the real warning is the 70 nations conference and the Pope Francis and the Imam of Morocco’s documents calling on the formation of a one world government under one God that does not exist ie the god of the Muslims, Jews and Christians. You must see the video to understand. The Warning is the day of Sept. 25 this is sept. 26 in Philippines however we are one day earlier on the flat earth than Israel has a sun speed of 911 Nautical Miles per hour and as we were able to predict the day of Friday the 13th Drone atttack due to the connection of 666 days from Trumps tweet on Nov. 16, 2017. We have only masons following us as everyone else is either blocked or to freaked out by the truth of the Matt. 24:24 deception of the flat earth. Either way our successes are mounting up as we see the world take over developing the two witnesses are Leeland Jones and Jonathan Cahn and they are allowed free access to the internet but not many are wise enough to follow them. Keep in mind all most all churchs have been infiltrated by some Mason assigned to keep them messed up about the timing and events of the last days. I meet several 33 degree masons who are leading major denominations in these Islands of the Philippines. Pray for the masons they are very bitter but they have no hope pray they will give Jesus a chance to mend there mind and soul. God bless and I pray you like this effort there is more wisdome in one page than you will get in a conventional church until the latter rain kicks in. this is not my wisdome it was derived by my relationship with Jesus and his according revelations. Don’t Forget Trump is Locked and Loaded in english Gematria this means the day of Gods Wrath. (biblenumbersforlife.com)

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