France Riots predicted 378 days earlier on Trumps 11-16-2017 tweet on Alice in Wonderland.

Noah Trump Timeframe from 11-9-2017

11-22-2018 Until Dec. 6,2018(Hanukkah)

France Riots are a planned false Flag from last 11-9-2017 and 11-16-2018 from Donald Trump’s Tweet of Operation Alice in Wonderland. You will find this study full of wisdom showing the repeating history of the Boston Tea Party and the Maccabees revolt all initiated on 12-16 ie Dec. 16 last day or Hanukkah. We Point out that the trump issues were as he reported in that time frame the Calm Before The Storm… HE was playing Cyrus during his run for election as Jonathan Cahn teaches and his opponent Clinton was Jezebel and her husband was Ahab it is amazing connections to the day of history repeating. Trump went into the Ark of Noah on 11-16-2018 and came out 378 days later just like Noah. But instead of storm to calm like God his was masonic storm to calm ie order from Chaos Novus Ordo Seclorum… If you can see we are in the last days we cannot recommend any higher Jonathan Cahn’s web site and studies and Leeland Jones and his playlist on House of David is really good for any Christian to understand Christianity like no pastor in America will teach… God bless this study to get in front of the right people to start the last days. We noticed that on the first day of the loosing of the 4 carpenters Feb. 20,2018 that the next day God took Billy Graham Home… We have an amazing revelations on Leelands 4 Carpenters Loosed on April 20,2018 and their ministry  of building the Lords Army will finish March 13, 2019.This will happen before the last sign in the first seven years of Joseph (Last blood moon of 9th and final tetrad on 1-21-2019) coming out in a day or two it will document all or those of Gods enemies struck down recently and those sacrifice by Lucifer…


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